Friday, October 24, 2008


[image courtesy of : photosynthesis]

Chlorophyllic plants are capable of manufacturing organic matter from inorganic substances taken from their life medium, in the presence of light. this is photosynthesis which is characterised by absorption of carbon dioxide and liberation of oxygen.Gas exchange takes place through stomata.The synthesized organic matter and water constitute the essential elements of the elaborated sap which circulates throught the conducting vessels inside the plant for its nutrition. It is the process by which plants use energy to form simple sugars from water and carbon dioxide gas. Later these sugars are converted into starch, protein, or fat; and we eat them as fruits and vegetables.

Photosynthesis process mainly is for green (chlorophyllic) plants.

After you have read this post, try answering the following questions:

1- what is photosynthesis?

2-what is the physical condition necessary for photosynthesis?

3-what gas is absorbed during this process?

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